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You might already know, but if you didn’t, NCBI changed the organization of its genome database. They used to have a BACTERIA directory containing all the complete genomes (with a few caveats), and a DRAFT_BACTERIA containing, well, draft genomes. Today, the genomes are scattered and organized somewhat taxonomically, so you have to look at some files to figure out if the genomes are drafty or not so drafty. Now they have four categories: Complete, Chromosome, Scaffold, and Contig. I think that’s the order of completeness, though I’m still not sure how Chromosome


Growth of genome data at NCBI

differs from Complete, but I suspect that’s what used to be the caveats (maybe only one replicon, of many, was sequenced). Anyway, last December I finished some BLASTP comparisons of a Complete genomes dataset that I downloaded by August (2016). The dataset contains 4085 complete prokaryotic genomes (I eliminated genomes from the same strains or the same taxid). Updates are thus starting to appear in the data I offer through this web site and my server at Laurier. Check frequently if you need newer data than what you found previously.

Happy new year!

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