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New member of the lab

We are now glad to welcome Natalie Ward as new member of the lab. Natalie will be working on the evolution of functional interactions of transcription factors. Welcome Natalie!

Updated collaborations page

So take a look if you wish to know who we collaborate with. It might still be incomplete. I am trying to have it as complete as possible, but, believe it or not, I collaborate with some people I don’t know. Of course most names are of P.I.s, but the collaborations are supposed to mean the labs of these magnificent people too.

New members of the lab

Quick note to give a welcome to our two new members of the lab. Marc del Grande, who started his M.Sc. studies in May, and Aisha ElSherbiny, who starts as a postdoctoral fellow this July.

Marc’s project is about the evolution of regulons, while Aisha will be involved in analyses of high-throughput experiments on transcription factor binding sites (operators), DNA signatures, and much more.

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