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Summer 2015 group

group-2015-reducedThis is [most of] the group in the lab of Computational conSequences this summer. Several visitors from Mexico! Julie, Gustavo, and Ramiro from Michoacán, and Adrián from Mexico City.

What we’re doing?

In no particular order:

  • Julie is working with 16S rRNA genes
  • Gustavo is on sabbatical doing all kinds of reviews and such on plant growth promoting bacteria
  • Ramiro is working on the genome of a plant growth promoting bacteria
  • Adrián is working on Phage
  • Kissa is working with adjacent genes (gene neighborhoods)
  • Harold is working on genome annotations
  • Thomas is working on predicted functions (metabolism and such)
  • César is working on regulatory networks in prokaryotes, and on metagenome annotations
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